I have never witnessed an open miracle. The greatest miracle I have ever seen is that of the Jewish people. The purpose of this blog is to publicise this miracle.

Many people are probably aware of some or much of the content provided by this blog. But people don’t take note or realise how truly miraculous Jewish history is. People don’t realise how accurate the prophecies of the Bible turned out to be. The purpose of this blog is to make this known to Jews all around the world and to bring about a spiritual reawakening.

There are two types of people that want to publicise the information on this blog:

  1. Anti-Semites
  2. Proud Jews

I belong to the second category. Will this site increase anti-semitism in the world? Possibly, and even probably if this site is successful in what it set out to do. So again why post this information publicly?

To cause a spiritual reawakening among Jews and return to the Torah and God who has led us through our immense history, through the ups and through the downs.


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