One state solution!

The two state solution is ridiculous. The only thing on the Palestinians minds is to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. We gave back Gaza a few years ago. Did it get us peace? NO! It just led to thousands and thousands of missiles being shot at Israel. Imagine if ONE missile was shot at America, Russia, the UK or any other country in Western Europe. The country who shot that would be under attack within hours.

People complain about the occupation. What occupation? I live in Israel and the Arabs live very nice lives. The Arabs living in Israel are the luckiest Arabs in the Middle-East. If the two state solution ever happened they’d all want to be in the state of Israel.

I don’t think there’s a way to solve the Middle-East problem except for the arrival of the Messiah. The Jews have been hated for eternity. If it’s not the crusaders killing Jews, it’s the Nazi’s. If not the Nazi’s, the Muslims, etc… There’s always someone else after us. There’s no way to solve the problem except for the Jewish people to serve God as prescribed by the Torah. That’s what the message of the entire Tanach. Serve God and things will be good, don’t serve Him and there will be punishments.

I’m guessing peace will come soon (in the next hundred years or so) but only as a result of war. That’s how it always is.

Yesterday I was reading B’Torato Shel Rav Gedaliah, a book based on the teachings of Rabbi Gedaliah Nadel, one of the great rabbis of the past century. Below is a summary/translation of the relevant part. Here’s a link to the Hebrew original.

In Genesis (Bereishit) chapter 4, verse 7 (JPS translation from Machon-Mamre) it says:

ז  הֲלוֹא אִם-תֵּיטִיב, שְׂאֵת, וְאִם לֹא תֵיטִיב, לַפֶּתַח חַטָּאת רֹבֵץ; וְאֵלֶיךָ, תְּשׁוּקָתוֹ, וְאַתָּה, תִּמְשָׁל-בּוֹ. 7 If thou doest well, shall it not be lifted up? and if thou doest not well, sin coucheth at the door; and unto thee is its desire, but thou mayest rule over it.’

The Talmud in Tractate Yoma 52b writes that there are five verses in the Torah that can be read in two ways. One of those is the above verse. R Nadel writes:

People think that people can fix all of societies problems and all of man’s problems. They used to think the answer was communism, then capitalism or liberalism or any other system. Cain, who was worried about the establishment of the world, thought that he could establish a new world order in which everything would be alright. God says to him (verse 7): “If you’re good or not good”, i.e. whether you manage to establish a system that you believe is good, or whether you don’t succeed, this won’t solve man’s problems, because at the door lies sin, because a person has an evil inclination that ambushes him when he goes out to life, at the door. Any system that man makes won’t succeed. In the end of the day they will fight, devour one another and destroy the world. “The evil inclination will be after you, but you can rule over it”. The only way to succeed is to deal with the evil inclination, whose desire is unto you. You have the choice and the strength to rule it. This is an ethical lesson that is relevant to all generations.

To understand how this verse can be read in these two ways requires greater elucidation or an understanding of the original Hebrew text of Genesis 4:7. But you can take my word for it that the verse can indeed be read as I have explained above (the standard, and probably simplest, translation of the text, however, is along the lines of the JPS translation).

Have a Chag Shavuot Sameach!


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