Why We Love Bibi

From JPost (from a while ago):

The prime minister said that he told the haredi soldiers “a story about my grandfather, who was a yeshiva student, like them, in Lithuania, and came from a family of rabbis. He said that once he was at a train station with his brother, and rioters yelled ‘Yid’ at them and beat them with clubs. They threw his brother into the mud, and he jumped in the mud to save him. Then, my grandfather said to himself – what an embarrassment that the descendants of King David and the Maccabees are stuck in the mud. If I live, I will move to the Land of Israel.”

And this YouTube video (recent):

Watch the video with English subtitles here.

And how about this for a line!

To the naval commandos, I would like to say that just as you and the rest of the IDF defend us, we will defend you everywhere and in every forum.


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