Gilad Schalit is coming home!

God willing Gilad Schalit will return home in the next few days. He was taken captive by Hamas over 5 years ago at the age of 19.

Israel is releasing 1000 Palestinian terrorists from prison in order to secure his release. These 1000 Palestinian terrorists include 450 murderers. Two-thirds of the terrorists being released are on long-term prison sentences.

Is Israel mad? Exchanging 1000 terrorists for 1 soldier? Possibly. Israel will bend over backwards to get back one innocent soldier, but Israel is country that wants peace and cares for life, what do you expect?

It is likely that this army of terrorists being released will play a major part in future wars with Israel. Many of these terrorists will be part of the continual missile-fire that Israel has had to endure over the past decade.

I’m happy Gilad is coming home. For protection in future wars we only have to look to our Father in Heaven. It’s the story of Jewish history. We may have been through rough times but we’ve never been wiped out and God has always been there for us as He promised our forefathers almost 4000 years ago. May the final redemption come soon!


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