Gilad Schalit is free!

Baruch Hashem!

I’ve been watching the Palestinian lies on TV today. They keep speaking about the thousands of prisoners in Israeli prisons that need to be released.

The prisoners are in prison for a reason. They’re not innocent people that Israel has put in jail. Every single prisoner is in jail for a reason. For trying to blow himself up and kill one hundred people or for murdering dozens. They’re all there for a reason and they shouldn’t be released.

The only reason 1027 prisoners were released today is because of the great value Israel and the Jewish people attribute to life. Gilad is a completely innocent and harmless boy. He was 19 when he was captured. He was captured, not because he was guilty of any crime, but because Hamas wanted to hold someone ransom to release their murderers from prison.

I have some advice for the Palestinian people, Hamas and Abbas, stop trying to kill Israelis, stop shooting rockets at us, live as our neighbours in peace and we might actually get somewhere. It will work out well for both sides.

Another thing, the 27 women being released are not innocent! Some of them have been involved in the murder of 15 innocent Israelis. And the worst part is, when one of the women was asked whether she felt any remorse for being involved the heinous crime of driving the suicide bomber to his destination to murder the 15 Israelis, she responded: “No, what do I have to feel sorry about? I’d do it again”.

These Palestinians are disgusting; men and women included.

Let us not forget the murder of the Fogelman family a few months ago. Carried out by two 19 year olds. They even killed the baby. What harm had he done? Do they regret it? No! The Palestinians are animals and that’s why there’s no peace. Wake up world.


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