Gilad Schalit, Who’s Blurring The Lines?

Another great video by thelandofisrael:

It’s truly ridiculous how the world media can compare Gilad Schalit to the terrorists released. I already posted about this a few days ago. The people released from Israeli prisons were terrorists and murderers. They were some of the most vile people on the planet. Gilad was an innocent 19 year old Israeli soldier. Enough said. Just watch the video and you’ll understand.

The one thing I do appreciate about all this negative media the Jewish people and Israel gets, is that it brings the Jewish people closer together. I just hope the media don’t have negative affects on other Jews’ opinions of Israel and the Jewish people. The same thing happened with the whole flotilla incident. The Israeli soldiers came on board peacefully with their paintball guns and they were attacked. They killed 9 terrorists in self defence. Of course the world went mad. For some unknown reason Turkey is still demanding an apology from Israel. The truth of the matter is that Turkey is just using the whole flotilla incident as a pretext to hate Israel. We’ve seen this before. It’s the story of Jewish history.

Anyway, as a Jew living in Israel it’s pretty clear that we want peace. The only obstacle to peace is the Palestinians who value the death of a Jew more than the life of one of their brothers.


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  1. meir

    I notice you post on rationalist blog

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