Famous Jewish Actors, Performers and Musicians

Adam Sandler

Here are some lists of lots of famous Jews:

Actors (IMDB). There are some surprising names on this list. I had no idea there were so many Jewish actors.

Musicians (JINFO.org). The JINFO website is a fascinating in general. I highly recommend scanning through it.

Actors, Comedians, Athletes, Producers, Singers, Politicians, Economists (site contains pictures of immodestly dressed women).

There are also a lot of lists of famous Jewish performers at Wikipedia: Actors, Classical Musicians. There are many more lists of famous Jews on Wikipedia, but you can look them up for yourself.

The actors and athletes don’t particularly inspire me, but they’re Jewish and famous, so they deserve a post. I might do a more thorough post in the future which focuses on particular categories as opposed to lumping all types of performers into a single post.

The real question is whether Jews are over-represented in each category and by how much? The world’s Jewish population is about 0.2% (13 million out of 7 billion), so I can pretty confidently say yes, the Jews are massively over-represented across the board. JINFO.org has lots of statistics if you’re interested.


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