Second Jewish Nobel Laureate of 2012

Well done to Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka for winning this year’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry. They received the award “for studies of G-protein-coupled receptors”.

Robert Lefkowitz is Jewish according to So far 2 of the 6 Nobel Prize winners this year are Jewish. Serge Haroche won the Nobel Prize for Physics yesterday – a French Jew of Moroccan descent.




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6 responses to “Second Jewish Nobel Laureate of 2012


    How many arab or moslem Nobel winners for physics or chemistry ?


    2010 total world population ( approximate )
    15 millions jews ……..and hundred times more of moslems !
    No comment

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  4. Robet

    The population of 1.4 billion Muslims have won 10 Nobel prizes, 11 if you count Barak Obama. This includes Sadat, Arafat and 4 Peace Prize awarded for going against Arabic thought.
    Israel with less than 13 million people has won 12 Nobel prizes since 1948. Jews have won over 215 (24%) of all Nobel prizes since the prize was created.

  5. Karsten

    The answer seems easy. Although by far not all Jewish nobel winners are practising Jews, they have one thing in common with the traditionally religious jews. The way of thinking and discussing, that Jewish parents have been teaching their children for centuries. The way Jews discuss their Holy scriptures consists of debates, questioning and gaining new knowledge by dealing with different opinions. That is exactly the way of communication science benefits of.
    Some years ago I worked in a scinetific lab at Technion (Haifa). From there I know the Jewish access to science.

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