The Social Network

I recently watched the film The Social Network, which is about the creation of Facebook. Apparently it’s only about 40% accurate, but that doesn’t stop it being inspirational. I’m currently in my third year of a bachelors degree in Computer Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, so I might find it more inspiring than others.

One thing I really like about the film is the whole thing with Mark Zukerberg not getting over his girlfriend from the beginning of the film, Jessica Albright. I don’t care about how accurate the film is. There are enough articles online discussing the accuracy of the film. I’m discussing the film here, whether it is fiction or not.

Albright breaks up with Zukerberg at the beginning of the film. Later on, once Facebook has launched at Harvard already, he bumps into Albright and asks her if she’s heard about Facebook and she hasn’t. This spurs him on to spread Facebook to more campuses across America to increase its popularity – all to get his ex-girlfriend to notice it. At the end of the film, when Facebook is already a world-wide success, we see that Mark still hasn’t gotten over his ex. We see Mark adding her as a friend on Facebook and continuously refreshing the page hoping she’ll accept.

I relate to this. What a magical story. A guy makes one of the world’s biggest companies just to impress a girl (yes… it wasn’t really like that… even in the film, but you’ve got to love the concept). It’s bloody hard getting over someone you really liked, perhaps even loved.

The continuation is also fascinating… If we see assume the continuation is what happens in real life… Mark ends up getting over Erica and marrying someone else. He manages to get over the girl he makes Facebook for.

You never know where life is going to take you. One day you think you think you’ve found the one for you and the next you’re married to someone else. Slightly depressing IMO. Gets you thinking there is no “one”. You could end up marrying a bunch of people. It’s just whoever you happen to bump into first out of this group that you’ll marry. I find that heart-wrenching.


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