Second Jewish Nobel Laureate of 2012

Well done to Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka for winning this year’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry. They received the award “for studies of G-protein-coupled receptors”.

Robert Lefkowitz is Jewish according to So far 2 of the 6 Nobel Prize winners this year are Jewish. Serge Haroche won the Nobel Prize for Physics yesterday – a French Jew of Moroccan descent.



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5 responses to “Second Jewish Nobel Laureate of 2012


    How many arab or moslem Nobel winners for physics or chemistry ?


    2010 total world population ( approximate )
    15 millions jews ……..and hundred times more of moslems !
    No comment

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  4. Robet

    The population of 1.4 billion Muslims have won 10 Nobel prizes, 11 if you count Barak Obama. This includes Sadat, Arafat and 4 Peace Prize awarded for going against Arabic thought.
    Israel with less than 13 million people has won 12 Nobel prizes since 1948. Jews have won over 215 (24%) of all Nobel prizes since the prize was created.

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